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Marketing Communications and Sales Assistant Freelancer

What You'll Learn
Hone your analytical skills
-You’ll learn to analyse the latest market trends and conduct consumer research
-You’ll be able to determine areas of opportunities or improvement of our brand’s product/service
-Establish performance of our brand against company’s goals
Develop your Communication skills
-Learn how to coordinate and collaborate with specialists
Build your leadership skills
-Oversee brand strategies and activities
-Lead the creative development of brand strategies
-Take ownership and ensure that brand activities align consistently with company’s mission and vision
We are looking for someone who can perform the following:
Type of Marketing:
  • Brand
  • Content
  • Product
  • Digital
Sales Assistant:
  • Inventory check
  • Attend to walk-in customers
  • Product fulfillment
Job Description
-Oversee marketing campaigns
-Develop an effective and innovative brand plan and marketing strategy that will help to develop a strong brand presence and image
-Create a brand message that is enduring that will result in increased sales and market share
-Brainstorm and execute digital marketing campaigns including SEO/SEM Strengthen brand message and presence in the market
-Monitor current competitors
-Analyse current market share and evaluate areas of opportunities and improvements
-Develop a brand strategy to elevate brand image Collaborate with relevant stakeholders
-Work closely with members in the company to ensure brand consistency
-Coordinate with different suppliers that aligns with the brand message
-Manage external agencies to boost market sales
What we’re looking for in you
- We welcome those with no experience too
- At least bachelor’s degree (if you have the talent and skill sets regardless of your major, we welcome that)
-Excellent verbal and written communication
-Strong research and analytical skills
- Knowledge of basic SEO/SEM
-Experience in creating content for the web and growing an audience
-Up to date with latest trends and consumer behavior
-Keen attitude to learn and improve
-Enthusiastic and passionate about our brand’s mission
-Keen eye for detail
-Good time management and organisation skills
-Able to work independently and as a team
-Able to withstand tight deadlines and working under stress
- Basic Photography and editing would be a plus
This is a Freelancing placement for a trial of 2 months. An extension is possible.
If you are keen, email to info@khadijahandco.com . If you have your portfolio to share with us, kindly indicate in your resume.