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Our story

Khadijah & Co started as an idea to create affordable abayas and dresses without compromising quality.  In our name "Khadijah" represents Khadijah ra and the "Co" as us. The color Green in "&" represents the green heavens and the "&" represents the bridge for us and her to be closer. 


Let us tell you further why the name Khadijah & Co came about. Here it is.. 


Saiyidah Khadijah r.a. was one of the most prominent historian figure that ever walked the earth. Her story is inspiring and  meaningful as she motivated ladies to be successful individuals of their own.  Saiyidah Khadijah was the first business woman and entrepreneur that had proven that a lady can do anything and everything when she puts her mind to it. Her skills and expertise in conducting business transactions and trading have been a source of inspiration for most muslim women and business owners. With that Khadijah and Co has decided to honour the presence of  Saiyidah Khadijah r.a. by starting an initiative, platform and space where we can honor the beloved of Nabi Muhammad saw. Khadijah and Co is present to support women, to allow women to look and feel their best, and view the idea of modesty in a refreshing way and to strive towards receiving the of grace of Allah swt. 

Support us as we honour the legacy of  Saiyidah Khadijah r.a. Support us as we are a team of women who truly believe in helping and supporting other women. We are in this together. Bismillah. 

(From left to right):   Liyana Musfirah (Co-Founder) ,   Nadia Nadzirah (Co-Founder),   Nurrul Shafeeqah (Operations Manager)