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Sayiddinah Khadijah r.a.

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Who is Sitti Khadijah binti Khuwaiylid?

She was a wealthy business woman who traded honestly, helped the needy, loved Nabi Muhammad (s.a.w.) and was the first person to accept Islam.

Khadijah (r.a.) learned about business at a young age. She took over her father's business after he had passed on. Her business was traded in many places during her leadership. She preferred to do business honestly rather than the typical conflicts caused by greed in businesses. With the blessings of Allah (SWT) her business grew. 

She looked for honest individuals to work for her. Along the road, she heard about Rasul and the character he portrays. She hired him and found that he was indeed a good person who carried out his work with honesty. She married him.


Mashaallah. Subhannallah.


May we all do everything with pure hearts and honesty. 


Yours truly,

Nadia & Liyana

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