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March's International Women Day

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Khadijah (r.a) 

She is the first of the Mother of Believers, the title of veneration and respect given to all the wives of the Prophet SAW, and has the unique position of not only being the first woman, but also the first person, to embrace Islam.

Khadijah (r.a) had been a strong woman and much loved by her husband. Even after she had passed on, Nabi Muhammad SAW would visit and send food to Khadijah (r.a) friends and relatives and Aishah (Rasul's third wife) would often be jealous. She was an entrepreneur who used her money to fund the cause and help the needy. 

In the beautiful union of Rasul and Khadijah (r.a), the latter was the mother of four daughters who survived: Zaynab, Ruqayya, Umm Kulthum and Fatima and three sons who passed on at a very young age: Qasim, Tayyib and Tahir. A woman who had lost her children but had strong faith to Him.

Never let yourself down . Self love. Have faith. You are strong to go through all the challenges.


Yours truly,

Nadia & Liyana

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